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PPAP Fillable Forms

PPAP Fillable Forms

PPAP forms:

  • Design Matrix
  • Part Submission Warrant
  • Part Submission Warrant - North American Truck Industry
  • Appearance Approval Report
  • Bulk Material Interim Approval
  • Bulk Materials Requirements Checklist
  • Engineering Source Approval for Functional Performance
  • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
  • Interim Recovery Worksheet
  • Dimensional Results
  • Material Test Results
  • Performance Test Results
  • Supplier Checklist / Approval for Managing Change
  • Supplier Request for Engineering Approval
  • Plus the APQP forms:

  • Control Plan
  • Control Plan Special Special Characteristics
  • Team Feasibility Commitment
  • Product Quality Planning Summary and Sign-off
  • These forms meets all the requirements of the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) and its Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) standard.

    PPAP Forms Only - $50

    PPAP-StatsXPress Software Includes All Forms - $195

    For Window-XP, Vista, Windows-7, and Windows-8 only.

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    PPAP StatsXPress Software

    PPAP-StatsXPress Software for AIAG's PPAP

    Simplicity by Design

    The PPAP-StatsXPress Software is extremely simple to use.

    Just collect the data, enter in an Excel or ASCII file, and the software does the rest. It does a complete analysis of your data and produces a one-page statistical analysis report on the screen, which you can print. No more navigating through endless features and wasting time and efforts.

    This software meets all the requirements of the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) and its Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) standard.

    Benefits PPAP-StatsXPress

  • This software meets all requirements of the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) standard.

  • The most complete statistical analysis on one page.
  • Fastest statistical analysis available on the market.
  • Simple to operate, and produces an analysis in seconds.
  • Saves time and efforts - No more navigating through endless features.
  • Produces a PPAP-StatsReport ready to be added to your PPAP Submission.
  • Meets the ISO/TS 16949 Quality System Standard.
  • Features PPAP-StatsXPress

  • Computes All Descriptive Statistics
  • Determines Normality
  • Determines Process Capability
  • Determines Process Performance
  • Determines Process Stability
  • Determines Process Predictability
  • Displays Histogram
  • Displays Spec Limits and Capability
  • Displays Control Charts (Average, Range and Individuals)
  • Determines if Control Charts are Under Statistical Control
  • Endorsement: Someone gave a lot of thought to this solution. Jonathan Hessler.
    Endorsement: I would highly recommend it to any company. April Haas.
    PPAP-StatsXPress Process Capability Software

    Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) Related Links for More Information:

    What is PPAP?

    PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) is used in the Automotive Industry supply chain to establish confidence in component suppliers and their production processes. The PPAP package is a series of documents which are formally approved by the supplier and customer. The form that summarizes this package is called a PSW (Part Submission Warrant), and it must contain a statistical analysis of the part data, which is done by PPAP-StatsXPress. The PPAP package is closely related to the Advanced Product Quality Planning Process (APQP) used during the design and development of new vehicles to reduce the risk of unexpected failure.

    Nineteen (19) Elements of a PPAP Package and PPAP Forms:

    • Design Records- A part drawing, specifications, geometric dimensioning & tolerancing sheets.

    • Engineering Approval - Provide evidence of customer engineering approval.

    • DFMEA - Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (DFMEA).

    • Process Flow Diagram - A Process Flow Diagram showing all steps and sequence in the fabrication process.

    • PFMEA - Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (PFMEA).

    • Dimensional Results - A list of drawing dimension, product characteristics and specification limits.

    • Records of Material / Performance Tests - A summary of material and tests performed on the part.

    • Initial Process Studies- Perform an initial process capability or performance study, to make sure process is capable, stable, under statistical control and meets requirements. (Software: PPAP StatsXPress).

    • Measurement System Analysis Studies (MSA)- A Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility study for critical or high impact characteristics.

    • Qualified Laboratory Documentation- Copy of all laboratory certifications (scope and documentation comply with QS-9000).

    • Control Plan - A Control Plan to monitor and control all key processes.

    • Part Submission Warrant (PSW) - Form that summarizes the whole PPAP package.

    • Appearance Approval Report - An AAR (Appearance Approval Report) is an inspection for components affecting appearance.

    • Bulk Material Requirements- Additional requirements for bulk materials.

    • Sample Production Parts- A sample from the same lot of initial production run.

    • Master Sample- Retain a master sample signed off by customer and supplier.

    • Checking Aids- Special tools and part's checking aid meet dimensional requirements.

    • Customer-Specific Requirements- Specific customer requirements to be included on the PPAP package.