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Machine and Process Capability Study Book

About The Book: Machine/Process Capability Study

The Machine/Process Capability Study book details how to conduct process capability studies as well as machine capability studies. It defines a standard methodology for the purpose of characterizing and optimizing machines, gauges, equipment and manufacturing processes. The methodology goes beyond just determining capability and stability. It also leads to identifying and reducing the major sources of variability, that is, optimizing the machine or process and then establishing a total proactive control to eliminate the possibility of future defects. The methodology is presented and divided into five progressive stages:

Stage 1: Process Delineation
Stage 2: Metrology Characterization
Stage 3: Capability Determination
Stage 4: Optimization
Stage 5: Control

The five stages present a logical progression and a sequence of steps designed in such a particular order to preserve and guarantee statistical assumptions throughout the analysis.

Short-term and long-term capability study approaches are explained and their respective formulas are discussed. Standard forms and worksheets are used throughout the book to lead the practitioner through all important steps necessary to achieve capable manufacturing processes.

Machine/Process Capability Study Book

Benefits of the MPCS Book

  • Standardize machine capability studies and process capability studies across the whole organization
  • Reduce variation in the total value-stream process
  • Document the process characterization efforts of continual improvement
  • Centralize and disseminate vital information about all processes and machines
  • Achieve a high level of quality (Cp and Cpk ~ 2.0) Six Sigma
  • Create a common language among managers, engineers and production personnel
  • Create a common approach for reducing defects in machines and processes
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