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Can Current Short Production Rates Still Guarantee Good Quality?

The global crisis has reduced significantly the demand for products and many factories are running at short production levels. Can your supply-chain still guarantee good --non defective-- products at low production levels?

The verification of process capability to meet customer requirements typically takes place over a long period of time. Random samples at regular intervals are taken while the process runs at functional equilibrium, in a steady state, and under statistical control. These required conditions are essential for true long-term capability determination. Statistical control being a major assumption, is validated through a statistical control chart, while normality is verified through a goodness of fit test. Meeting these major assumptions guarantees valid predictability of defective rates.

In contrast to process capability, the validation of the machine capability to meet process requirements, takes place over a much shorter period of time. Smaller samples may have to be collected continuously over a short time frame, which may require some compensation over long term capability studies. Although the underlying assumptions may still require verification, the methods and formulas may differ.

To eliminate out-of-specification problems, both machine capability as well a process capability have to be analyze, and short term versus long term performance capability must be taken into consideration.

After 20 years in the field of conducting machine and process characterization studies, we have developed three highly effective tools to assist you eliminate out-of-specification defects.


PPAP StatsXPress

1. The PPAP - StatsXPress software is what you should give to your supply chain so that they can validate and report the performance capability of their processes before they send you their sub-assemblies, parts or products.

MPC StatsXPress

2. The MPC - StatsXPress software is the Machine and Process Capability Analysis software so you can determine, verify and track machine capability and process capability at your own production lines.
MPC-StatsXPress Process Capability Software
Machine Process Capability Analysis Book

Book: Machine and Process Capability

3. The book Machine/Process Capability Study, has 358 pages of detail that explains in a step-by-step fashion how to conduct machine and process capability studies and analyze the data.

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